I need 2 hours prior to our reading to work in your Akashic Record. Please book accordingly

Soul Profile Reading $150

Soul Realignment ™ readings are done by accessing knowledge found in The Akashic Records.   The Akashic Record is essentially an energetic database that resides in the fifth dimension that stores every choice a soul has ever made. I will enter the records for Soul Profile information  to determine a person's divine gifts and soul group strengths at origination and as of today. Comparing current and origination soul information allows us to see what blocks and restrictions a person may be carrying due to patterns of negative choices made in different lifetimes.  This reading will identify your strengths and help determine what may be holding you back from creating a life of abundance. We look at past life choices to see how these blocks and restrictions came in to existence. I will clear your Akashic record of these blocks and restore the soul's blueprint back to where it was when first created. You are then more conscious and empowered to live in alignment with your Soul. If you are tired of repeating negative patterns in your life, don't trust your inner self or are don't feel you are living your best life this may help identify why and help you make the shift needed to break free. Recognize how powerful a being you are when living in alignment with your soul! 

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