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                          Intuitive Life Coachin

Intuitive Life Coaching is a great way to help people unlock the answers they need to make positive and lasting life changes. As an Intuitive Coach, Ginger can help clients access their intuition, gain clarity and insight, and take inspired action that brings lasting results.  She can connect you with your Guides or open your Akashic Record for deeper understanding. Through this form of coaching, she can help people realize their life purpose, create a vision of their ideal future, and develop a plan of action to help them move forward.  Her intuitive life coaching can help people who are struggling in a relationship, a job or another life situation that causes them to feel stuck. It can provide a deeper level of understanding and help them find a real solution, rather than just a workaround.

Intuitive Coaching with Ginger Hendry


30 Minute   $90


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