Pure Joy

Updated: Feb 21

One of the biggest lessons I was privileged to receive from an animal came from one who I only had contact with for maybe 15 minutes. It was many years ago at a point in time where my life was very overwhelming. I had left a corporate sales position a couple of years earlier to start my own pet services company. I was really excited about the new direction I had taken but I was working 7 days a week both building and working in my business. I was also a very busy wife and a mother of a teenaged son and pre-teen daughter with almost no time for myself. My days were filled with business tasks and running kids to and from activities. I was ALWAYS moving. Truthfully, at the time I did not think anything was wrong with this. I was a working mom and I figured that is just how you live. But life was kind of a grind and I was always so tired that the days sort of blended together. I had already taken a class with that I loved in basic Animal communication Danielle MacKinnon when I saw another class in AC with horses at a local working farm. Ironstone Farm provides equine therapy to children and adults with physical or emotional disabilities. Horses are extremely intuitive animals and their ability to connect with the people that come for therapy provide them much needed acceptance and support. The horses we would be visiting with were very used to communicating with those around them and the Ironstone Farm animal handlers had worked with other AC classes so were very welcoming to 8 newbies coming to do readings. We met as a group while the horses were being fed and we were given information on how the day would be organized. While the instructor was speaking a group of 3 miniature donkeys came bursting out of nowhere and seemed very interested in what was going on around them. They have free run during the day and can (and do) mingle with the guests. The biggest of the three came bouncing by in front of me and I could tell he was trying to catch my attention. I was trying not to laugh out loud when he circled around me not getting too close. He did this a few more times until he ended up leaning on me so I could pet him. The other two donkeys stayed close by him but it was obvious he was the ring leader. I only had a few minutes to hang with them before heading up to meet the first horse I would be reading but in that short time I had so much fun with them. I was able to pet him and watch them play together for a bit and then I started up to the paddock. They all came along running in front of me bouncing off of one another rough housing all the way. I think I laughed all the way up the hill! They left me to myself and the horse I was reading and rest of the day flew by doing readings and group exercises. When we finished the instructor asked us each to take a few minutes reflecting on the day. He asked us to write down one word or phrase that came to us after working with all of the animals during the day. I did not need more that 2 seconds before knowing I learned a lesson about experiencing joy again. The kind of pure joy you feel as a child when you are really delighted with something and living in the moment. I had completely forgot that feeling and in 15 minutes that little donkey and his buddies reminded me of what was missing in my life. I was also completely hooked on animal communication! I did make changes in my life by cutting back my schedule and taking time for myself trying to find joy in my everyday life. Just thinking of him after all these years still brings me joy.

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