When the Universe speaks

This week on The Psychic Wives podcast we had a guest, author Tammy Mastroberte. Tammy 's book is called "The Universe is Talking to You" and is a great read about recognizing the signs and synchronicities that both the universe and our loved ones on the other side are always sending our way. She talked about how she became aware of these signs after her mom had passed and we chatted about her experiences over the years. In her book she gives people practical advice, along with exercises and an even an affirmation to use to help them open up to receive and recognize what is being sent their way. I noticed the affirmation in her book was the same one that had been given to me by a friend about 4 years ago. I use it every day before I get going. I assumed it was a common, well known affirmation and it was kind of cool that I was already familiar with it. On our podcast we all shared stories of own about signs we have gotten throughout our lives and we acknowledged how wonderful it feels to know not only are our loved ones around to support us but so is the universe. Ask and you shall receive. None of what we talked about was outside of my own experience and I loved the discussion we had around it. Even though I have observed many signs and synchronicities in my life what followed after recording this podcast blew my mind. A few mornings later I happened to really look at the affirmation I have printed out and noticed - for the first time in 4 years - it said "Elevated Existence" across the top of my copy. When we talked with Tammy she mentioned she started a quarterly publication back in 2007 called Elevated Existence so the prayer was actually from her! Wow...who knew that I would end up meeting the person who wrote this years later? In saying my affirmation this particular morning I asked for specific help and support around my health. I have recently had some stomach issues that I believe are food related and have been trying to figure out how I should be eating to eliminate what may be causing the problems. When I finished asking for help I picked up my phone to check email and a within a couple of minutes a message popped up that my Apple Credit card had been charged $59.95 for a membership to Thrive Market. I have seen this website before and knew they sold higher end food products supporting different diet plans. If you eat Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free, etc. you can find products to support those eating plans. But here's the thing. I had just woken up and had not touched my computer or phone since the night before. I have not been on that website in a very long time so I obviously did not open a membership. Even more strange is that it billed my Apple Card. When I use that card I have to double click the side of my iPhone to authorize the purchase so it can't be done by accident. What was going on? I checked mail and there was a welcome email from Thrive thanking me for my new membership. What is going on? Is this a sign for me? I had just asked for help and maybe 3 minutes later this happened. Full disclosure, I still called my fellow Intuitive and podcaster, Geri Karabin, to ask what she thought. Sometimes you feel the need to validate... you know what I mean? Even though I have had so many signs over the years there is always this feeling of - is it REALLY a message? What does it mean? Who is it from? Geri agreed with me that this was a big sign. The message I got was yes, we will support you in this effort to become healthier because we always have your back. This doesn't mean I even have to order anything from Thrive market. It isn't about that. Just knowing that I have been heard and I am being supported is a blessing that I am grateful for. It has helped me get started in making the changes I need to do to feel better. I have since spent the week perusing the Thrive Market site and have decided to move back to the vegan(ish) vegetarian eating plan that served me well for many years. I have spent time rearranging my pantry closet, shopping and looking for new recipes. I have to admit it feels great to know that help is there when I need it. I am still not sure how what happened here was even possible but when the Universe speaks, I listen!

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