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Akashic Soul Realignment®


 The Akashic Record is essentially an energetic database that resides in the fifth dimension and stores each and every choice all souls have ever made throughout all of its lifetimes. The depth of knowledge in your Akashic Record can provide you with great insight into understanding what blocks or repeating patterns you are currently engaged with that may be holding you back in this lifetime.  ​As an Intuitive Coach I will be 

 I will enter your specific Akashic record looking at you from soul level to identify your divine gifts and strengths.  I will look for what past life information shows itself and what choices you made in those lifetimes that may be affecting you today.. Many times choices we have made are not in our soul's best interest,  causing blocks and restrictions we may carry forward to this current lifetime. Identifying any energetic blocks you may be dealing with allows you to work on breaking through them by shifting your behaviors.  I do the work ahead of time and share it with ou during your reading. Find out what may be holding you back from creating a life of abundance.

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