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Straight From The Source

“Ginger is both spiritual and practical, intuitive and grounded, loving and direct. These qualities don’t often go together in the intuitive world, but through Ginger, they combine perfectly.Ginger will tell it like it is all while leading with her heart. Animals trust those who are exactly who they say they are – which is why animals trust Ginger implicitly.”



Danielle MacKinnon

“I don’t often use this word, but in this case, it fits. Ginger is a gifted Medium. Yes, she will receive the evidential pieces that validate for you she is connected to your loved one. But then she goes deeper. Ginger has this unique ability to absolutely NAIL the emotions surrounding you and your loved one and the relationship itself. She’s also amazing at verbalizing the messages your loved ones have for you. Ginger connected with my Mom and I found peace around her passing for the first time in six years. I ugly cried…but they were kind of tears of joy. It felt like I could finally take a deep breath. Thank you Ginger from the bottom of my heart.”

Geri Karabin 

I can't thank you enough for connecting me with Brindi this past Monday. The dark mantle of mourning has lifted to reveal the joy of knowing she is with me always. You were able to help me drop the constant thoughts of her quick collapse into not being present...they have been replaced by all the wonderful moments we shared over twn years together. My  beautiful dog was an ambassador of love and shared it wherever she went, with whomever she encountered. I was so honored to have had her in my life.  Thank you so much.  yes, I miss her terribly, but I can celebrate her now.   I will send you a photo of her finished fused glass painting as well as her raised garden bed. I am attending a psychic fair Saturday and will share your information!  God Bless You!


Leslie Dickenson

I recently had an animal communication reading with Ginger for our aging cat. She was right on with the information we needed to ensure we were meeting our pet’s needs. To our delight and surprise, my deceased father came through too! Ginger communicated my dad’s message to us with astonishing accuracy, right down to the favorite shirt he wore and the phrasing he was known for using in his conversations! What an added gift to me, and to our aging cat who was well loved by my dad who lived with us before his death! Ginger has many psychic gifts, including mediumship abilities as well!                                                                                                                                                                                                

Deb U

"Wow! Thank you so much for reading Prince and Dunkin! I’m blown away by the details and accuracy of the information you received from them. You connected with me on a personal level and your reading gave me great comfort knowing that Dunkin was ready to transition and that Prince is happy in his new home. The things you definitely picked up on in my life were accurate and personal. You commented on the difficulties I was bearing… again you were accurate. Thank you for giving me clarity on my thoughts and helping me connect to my beloved pets and giving me hope for more positive light into the future. It was a pleasure and a blessing getting a reading from you!'

Dawna Marie

I want to say thank you with all my heart Ginger for your unwavering support during a transitional time that filled my body-mind with great unease.  Your connection to spirit to bring forth practical intuitive guidance during each session helped me to rebuild trust as I continued to take actionable steps.  I am forever grateful to that day I picked up the phone and reached out, not knowing you, yet felt drawn to your grounded essence as I read your bio.  Not only have I been blessed with a sincere and genuine mentor, but also a budding soul friendship.  Your heart-centered time, warmth, generosity, grace and guidance is deeply appreciated.

Julianna T

"The information I received from Ginger during my reading was very powerful but conveyed to me in a gentle and loving way. Through Ginger, I was given the opportunity to change patterns of behavior that had been with me throughout my whole life. The guidance I received confirmed beliefs I was holding deep inside, how these beliefs often caused me to feel anxious and worried which in turn created behavior patterns that were self-defeating and non-productive. Through this awareness, I am now making significant changes in my reactions to situations in life and am feeling a greater sense of joy and peace."

Marcia Walsh

I had the pleasure of experiencing an Akashic Record Soul Profile reading with Ginger. I must say that I found every aspect to be informational, educational, and transformational. The details shared resonated with me in a deep and visceral way. I could see the patterns and connections in my current life from a new and more enlightened perspective. Ginger expertly guided me through the entire process and offered explanations and guidance along the way to make sure that I understood where we were going and how I could use the information to make positive changes in my own life. I highly recommend experiencing this for yourself, you will be so glad that you did.”

Jennifer Jozwiak

"My Akashic Record Soul Profile Reading from Ginger was truly amazing and chock-full of information. It was evident that she had taken great care in gathering the content and that she is sincerely dedicated to helping people through this work. Ginger explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions from a place of expert knowledge and compassion. Every piece of information she delivered to me felt so right-on. The best part is that through this work, she helps clear away things that no longer serve you and gives you “homework” to recondition yourself to the new clearing that she’s done. I highly recommend Ginger for those who want to have a greater understanding of themselves and who wish to move forward and open a pathway to being their best selves."

Julie Ulrich

"Ginger did an Intuitive reading for me using my guides. She was spot on with what was going on with me at the time. I had been re-evaluating making some changes in my life in several areas. Through my guides, she gave me confirmation and confidence that I knew what I needed to do before I could make the changes. Ironically I had some events that happened hours prior to my reading that she picked up on, which gave me validation that she was connected with my guides."

Lisa Eldridge

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