How does an Animal Communication session work?

I will be connecting with you and your animal for this reading. It is best to NOT share any information about your pet/s with me prior to our session. Your animal does not have to be with you during the reading, in fact, many of the animals I read have already passed. I will read the animal and see what they want to share with you. A 30 minute reading should be enough time to connect with one animal. If you have more than one animal a 55 minute reading is best. You can ask what ever questions you may have during any reading. I do not record sessions so it is up to you to take notes while we are together.  ** Readings in no way are meant to replace Veterinary care for your pets.  

How does a psychic reading work?

Bring your questions to this reading and I can take an intuitive look to help you gain clarity around what is happening with you with a job, relationship or life direction.   

How does an Akashic Record Soul realignment work?

This reading is a bit different in that I must access your Akashic record to get the information about who you are at Soul Level and what energetic blocks are in place that may be holding you back in living your life the way you desire. I need a couple of hours prior to the 60 minute reading to do this so please schedule no less than 3 days out. 

How do I book a session?

You may book a session online by clicking on the Book Now button under each service. This will bring you to a calendar showing open appointment times. Once you choose the date and time I will be notified. Once I accept the appointment you credit card will be billed and you will receive confirmation your reading has been booked.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sessions may be cancelled and fully refunded up to 48 hours ahead of the appointment. You may also reschedule and to do that I request I have at least 4 hours prior notice of any change in time. 

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