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  • What are your Policies?
    This service is provided for spiritual purposes only. Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a session. Sessions are not substitutes for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Clients are encouraged to please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor and/or Veterinarian about any health concerns.
  • How does an Animal Communication session work?
    All sessions are done over the phone or via Zoom. If Zoom is preferred please email Ginger to set it up. Ginger will connect with you at the time of the session at the number you have provided during booking. She will first connect to you and then to the animal. She will ask for the animal's name, type of animal and if they are are alive or have crossed over. Ginger will connect with the animal and begin the reading. You will be able to ask questions during the reading. * the animal does not have to be with you at the time of the reading.
  • How does an Intuitive Reading work?
    During an Intuitive reading Ginger will connect to you. She will ask what you wish to look at in your life and can give you information psychically. She can connect to your Guides or enter your Akashic Record for guidance.
  • How do I schedule a session?
    You can go to Ginger's site and click on the link for the type of reading you wish to have. This will take you to the booking site where you will choose the available date and the length of the reading. You will provide payment through the link and you will receive an email notification showing confirmation.
  • Do I need to prepare before a reading?
    You do not need to prepare ahead of time for a reading. Please be in a quiet environment with no distractions for the best experience. Feel free to ask questions during any session.
  • Is the Soul Profile reading different from the Intuitive reading?
    Yes. The Soul Profile Reading is done differently. All of the information for this reading is gathered prior to the reading with Ginger. She will be in your Akashic Record before you speak. This reading is very specific in what you will receive. She will be looking at past lives and what blocks or energy you may have carried from those lives in to this life. This may have you repeating patterns which do not serve you and restrict you from living a full life now. She will work with you to set the intention to remove that which may be holding you back now.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may reschedule your appointment within 24hrs. Please notify Ginger ASAP in order to reschedule. You may reschedule up to 2 times within the following 3 months. After that your payment will be forfeited. Missed appointments will not be refunded. If there is a concern please call Ginger directly at (978) 496-8515.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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