Animal Communication Reading

Wouldn't you love to know why your animal has come in to your life? Maybe you need help or understanding around a health or behavior issue? I believe animals come in to our lives with the specific purpose to help us with our life’s journey. They come to be with us and help us evolve to become the best we can be.  I can help you connect to your animal and can offer soul to soul reading so you can hear what your animal wants you to know. Whether they are here now or in spirit, I will act as the bridge to deliver their messages to you. I will do your reading over the phone or by Zoom connecting intuitively to both you and your animal. I will share whatever I see, hear, feel or know while connected. If you have specific questions we can address those during the reading too. *NEW 15 minute reading allows for a brief check in and to answer a question you may have. 30 minutes is enough time to read one animal while a 55 minute reading should allow more than one animal to be read.

                                   15 Minute Reading $35

                                    30 Minute Reading $70

                                     55 Minute Reading  $125


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