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Intermediate Animal Communication 

* Refine your AC skill set

* Learn to trust your intuition

* Learn ways to keep your energy balanced                

* Learn techniques to go deeper in your readings

* Learn how to connect with the human client and         gain trust with the animal

* Understand how animals teach us to be better              versions of ourselves

* Practice with other students throughout the class

* Be more confident in your work

Ginger Hendry is an Animal Communicator who is passionate about helping people build strong connections with their pets. With a unique combination of intuition and empathy, Ginger has been helping pet owners better understand their animals for many years. From her online courses, one-on-one readings, group workshops and fairs, Ginger provides a safe and supportive environment where people can learn to connect with animals and their humans in challenging situations. She helps her students develop greater belief in themselves, build confidence, and trust what they hear, see and feel in their animal connections. Join Ginger on the journey to a deeper understanding of your pet and the power of animal communication.

Level II Animal Communication

In this Level II class my goal is teach students to understand and recognize the deeply spiritual connection between animals and humans.  Through interactive activities and lots of practice, I will teach you how to connect with animals on a deeper level, recognize and trust your intuition, and develop your skills as an animal communicator. This class will also provide an opportunity for personal growth and development as you learn to appreciate and understand how animals can teach us to be better versions of ourselves.

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