Do you know why our animals are in this life with us? They are here to help us to become the best that we can be. They do this by teaching and working with us while loving us unconditionally.  Spirit is ready to help us too, we just need reach out and ask. Whether we connect to our animals, or to Spirit, we can gain wisdom and clarity around situations in our lives through the messages us they send us. We just need to listen.  


 Animal Communication

What is your animal really trying to tell you?  Why are they in your life and what they are helping you with? I can help!

 Psychic Intuitive Reading

Need clarity on a relationship, job or your general direction? Bring your questions to this reading and I can help!

 Akashic Record Reading

Who are you at Soul Level? What are your divine strengths? Find out what energetic blocks may be holding you back.  I can help!

Classes and Events

Are you a practicing medium and would love to be more comfortable connecting with animals? This workshop is for you!

Check out The Psychic Wives Podcast  on iTunes! We cover all things intuitive! 

Need practice in connecting and reading animals?  Join this fun Animal Psychic Circle (dates tbd) 

Animal Psychic Practice Circle

Animal Communication Class

"I am passionate about using my intuition to help people gain a better understanding of themselves, so they are empowered to live their best lives. Contact me to learn more."

Ginger Hendry, Intuitive

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“Ginger is both spiritual and practical, intuitive and grounded, loving and direct. These qualities don’t often go together in the intuitive world, but through Ginger they combine perfectly.
Ginger will tell it like it is all while leading with her heart. Animals trust those who are exactly who they say they are – which is why animals trust Ginger implicitly.”

Danielle MacKinnon

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