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What makes your heart sing?

When I got out of college, I started my first professional job in telecom with New England Telephone. During my many years of employment that landscape was constantly shifting and we were divested, sold and spun off again. I spent 23 years in various positions, from project management to sales and marketing. I was lucky to work with some great people and I was happy for a long time. But after 20 years many of the friends I had either retired or were laid off. Things changed so drastically it was not a place I could stand to be. Although I stayed for a while, I was burned out and disillusioned. I had trouble picturing myself anywhere else because the money was so good. I felt stuck. One day I was speaking to a friend who had taken early retirement and asked her how she knew it was time to go. She said one day she woke up and she just knew she could not do it anymore. Not long after that conversation I was working from home one afternoon and Oprah was doing a show featuring women who had started their own successful businesses by following their passions. I was glued to the TV. I remember Oprah saying we should all be able to do what makes our heart sing. I was psyched to watch all of their stories and knew it was time to figure out my next step. I was passionate about animals so I knew I needed to move in that direction. I finally found courage to quit my corporate job after one morning waking up knowing I couldn't do it anymore (you were so right Nancy!). I left and started a successful pet sitting company that lasted over 15 years. I took both Reiki and small animal massage to expand my services. When I found animal communication I knew what I was meant to do. I always knew I could communicate with my own animals and was thrilled to find I could connect with other animals too. While taking classes and certifying and as an animal communicator I found my psychic gifts had deepened and soon I was working with human clients too. I discovered I love teaching and have gone on to offer classes in animal communication too. For the last several years I have been doing animal communication and intuitive readings and feel that I have found my true calling, my real passion. My absolute love of animals led me to where I am today. Having the courage to follow what makes me happy has put me in this wonderful place I could never have imagined all those years ago. What lights you up? What makes your heart sing?

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