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Background Noise

Lately, whether I am doing an intuitive reading with a client's Guides, a mediumship reading or an animal communication I have been getting a common themed message. A really important message. Stop listening to the outside influences that are constantly in our ears. We are living in a high tech age being bombarded with messages from every direction. Social media has turned up the volume and the news media is far more interested in sensationalizing than truth to increase profit. Not only are we stressed by what we are told is happening, with advertising we are told we are too tall, short, heavy, out of shape, etc. We feel we aren't good enough. Of course if we go to Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok we find there are many Dr's, Gurus, Practitioners of all sorts of modalities than can help fix us so we are richer, happier and healthier. We just need to buy this product, read their book or follow that plan because someone else knows more than we do. About us? Ugh! Many people have lost the ability to trust themselves and listening to these outside voices make us feel worse. We have stopped looking inward and are judging ourselves through someone else's filter. It is time we stop listening to the outside world. The messages that are showing up in my readings lately are from those that know us best - our animals and those that love us from the other side. What do they want us to know? We need to SLOW down and look inside of ourselves. Listen to our soul. What is your soul telling you? Who are you down deep? What are your gifts and strengths?

What do you want your life to look like? You are powerful. You are worthy. You are lovable and you are enough. Our animals and loved ones in spirit love us for exactly who we are. They don't care about our size, how big our home is or what we look like. They want you to see yourselves through their eyes so you know how very important you are to those around you. So stop listening to outside influencers and the negativity that is spewing everywhere. Get to know yourself and own your own truth. The negative messages swirling around you are just background noise. Turn down the dial and find more peace and quiet in your life. You deserve it.

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