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You're Not a Kook

Yes, I actually heard these exact words from a friend after I did a reading for one of her elderly dogs who was failing. I was getting ready to finish up a certification program with Danielle Mackinnon’s School of Animal Communication. Part of the process included doing 20 animal communication readings and writing them up to turn in at the end of the class. A few weeks before my class was to end I still needed more readings to reach my goal of 20. I realized I had not told many of my friends and family what I was working on even though I was so passionate about becoming an professional Animal Intuitive. After much thought I realized I was too worried what people may think about me if they knew what I was working towards. I was worried people would not take me seriously and think I was “out there”. Since I really wanted to move down this path I decided to push through my worry and be as open as possible about everything. I started to tell more people about my AC Intuitive work whenever I had the opportunity. It turned out my worries really were a waste of my energy. The response was really positive and most everyone was encouraging and had lots of questions on animal communication. Everyone I spoke to that had an animal had stories to share and some booked readings with me. Around this time my friend Dawna happened to call. We had not spoken in a long time and while we were catching up I told her about my Intuitive work. She told me her dog Dunkin was failing and she was struggling with this and asked if I would do a reading for her. I did agree but I was very nervous since I knew her fairly well even though we had been out of touch for some time. I worried that I would not get new information and I might be embarrassed. I worried since I knew Dawna that it would be hard to know what was really coming through versus what I already knew about her situation. Most especially I was worried about what she would think of me if it did not go well. All that worry – yikes! Well, I did do the reading for her and it was amazing. So much came through during the reading that we were both blown away. She received great messages from Dunkin including why he was in her life and what he came to help her with. She just could not believe it. When the reading ended she said to me “OMG, I did not think this stuff was real! I cannot believe you told me all of this – there is NO way you could have known any of this – we haven’t spoken in months”. Then she gave me one of the best (and funniest) testimonials I have had so far. She said “I only did this reading because it was with you and I know you. You’re not a kook!” I am still laughing as I write this. Dawna learned a big lesson that day. Yes, animal communication is real and people can connect and learn great lessons from their animals. I learned to finally let go of worrying about what people think of me as I make this journey. But I would be lying if I did not say it was nice to hear that I am not a kook!

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