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60 years later

If you know me at all, you will know that I host a weekly podcast called The Psychic Wives with 2 fellow of my Animal Communicators/Mediums. We talk about all things intuitive, sometimes just from our own experience and perspective, sometimes with the help of a guest who practices a modality we don't have experience in. We have mentioned in almost every episode that there really are no coincidences in our lives and things happen for a reason. We need to pay attention to those synchronicities because it's in those times we often get messages from spirit, our loved ones who are no longer with us or even our animals. The messages can help us get through a difficult time, find healing or help us move in the direction we are meant to go. Recently I have had people show up in my animal communication readings who want to speak to my clients too and that had left me questioning my intuitive skills. I am an Animal Communicator and Psychic Intuitive and justb maybe I am a medium as well. A few weeks ago while taking a walk my father came through to me out of the blue. It was really unexpected and pretty emotional. My father passed away when I was 3 years old and this had never happened to me before. The connection was brief and he gave me a message and he was gone. Days later a friend who happens to be a medium, reached out to see if I could do an animal communication for her and I suggested we swap readings. She agreed so I read her animal and she read for me. It was no surprise to me that my father came through to her. This time he stayed longer and told her things about me as a child, about our short relationship together and some things I had heard from my mother many years ago so I knew to be true. He told her he had been with me throughout my life and even mentioned being at my wedding going on to describe the wedding gown I wore! He told her he had, in fact, recently connected with me and encouraged me to continue to reach out to him. Last week I booked a reading for my daughter so she could experience mediumship herself but she was sick and unable to talk so I had the reading instead. Once again my dad came though but spent this time telling me who he was as a person, what he most valued most in life and what he loved. I could see that we were very much alike and I felt so close to him and that is a very foreign feeling for me. I knew he wanted me to get to know him and I was grateful to have learned so much about who he really was after all this time. He has been gone 60 years and by connecting with him through mediums I was able to fill a void and find healing that I did not realize I really needed. This has really sparked my interest in developing my own mediumship skills to be able help my clients connect with not only their animals but their human loved ones too. I want to help them hear messages that can help bring them closure, healing or peace to their lives. Even if it is 60 years later!

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