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With the end of 2023 recently behind us, one thing became very clear to me. Although I am getting busier and busier, I feel I am less productive. With technology and social media I can, and do, engage with more people at a faster pace and that is wonderful. I love what that means for my business since having new clients really lights me up. My circle of social media friends continues to grow but many of these online relationships are distant and I don't really get to know them. I find myself texting close friends instead of talking live and that bothers me. I do enjoy some of the time I spend on FB or Instagram. I love seeing pictures of people with their families, or during their travel and who doesn't love a funny meme, an engaging animal video or a great recipe? I have to say I don't enjoy this as much as I used to and not just because of the sometimes combative posts. I can pass by the toxic opinions and the "look at how great I am" posts pretty quickly but social media has become a time suck with no depth and no value. When heading into 2024 I thought about the changes I plan to make this year and the biggest one is spending less time on technology and social media sites and more live interaction. I miss the deeper connection to people. I miss the real relationships, the live, more meaningful conversations that we used to have. Technology allows us to spend a lot of time talking at people instead of to people. Do you find the same thing in your life? Would you like to join me in focusing on more personal interactions? Recently I made a list of people that I haven't spoken to in a while - and liking their posts doesn't count as talking! - that I was quite friendly over the years but have drifted away from my circle. I am going reach out to those friends and make that personal connection. I want to know how people are doing, what's going on in their lives, hear about their successes and challenges. I SO miss that. That is one of my biggest goals for 2024. Many of you may hear from me soon...a real live phone call and I will be definitely be asking...can we talk?

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