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Law of Attraction

I have never studied the Law of Attraction so I won’t pretend to be an expert but when I look back on many big life changes or forward movement I see the LOA stamped all over it. I remember when was looking at colleges and fell in love with Regis College, one school my family could never afford. But I could really see myself there, I daydreamed about it and no other school held the same appeal. My mother and I went to visit and she loved it too - after all what Irish Catholic mother would love the idea of her daughter attending a private catholic woman’s school? I did end up there and to this day I do not know how my mother paid for it. Somehow I just knew it would work out. This happened to me many times over the years from meeting my husband to job changes and promotions. I even visualized the eventual adoption of my children. I could so clearly see it and was so sure it would happen I did not get caught up in the "how’s" of things. That's the key - do not think about all the ways it isn’t possible and just believe it is. I do not think the Law of Attraction was something I ever heard about but as a younger person I was able to practice this unconsciously. Unfortunately it seemed I had forgotten this over the years. I was stuck in my heard over making changes in my life and career and I have waited longer than I could have. I had an existing business that was consuming me and I couldn't figure out how to get out from under it so I could expand my intuitive practice. I would take a step forward and a couple back always getting stuck in the "how can I make these changes"? Being the A personality that I am, I worry about the how’s of doing just about everything. What if I can't make the changes- what if I do and it isn’t what I thought it would be - what if I fail? It isn't a surprise I almost wore myself out. Then about a year ago I took a really hard look at where I was and were I wanted to be. I remembered different times in my life where things went smoothly when I did not sweat the details. I remembered visualizing what I wanted without the worry about details. At this point in life I was familiar with The Law of Attraction and realized what I needed to do to move forward in this direction. I was finally ready to trust the universe to have my back and support me in letting some things go and allowing new things to come in. I knew what I wanted and I could see it ahead of me. I let go of the how's and why's and just knew I was going o move forward the way I dreamed I would. I put my existing business on auto pilot and moved my focus to my Intuitive business. I was really conscious of not worrying about how I was going to get there and just kept visualizing how I wanted things to look like in this business. Only then was I able to I step up and move in the way that felt right. I stopped pushing and just intuitively felt my way through the changes I needed to make. Things shifted really quickly for me after that. I downsized the biggest part of my existing pet care business more easily than I ever could have imagined and let my employees go. I helped a couple of woman who worked for me set up their own businesses and gave them my work to get them going just because it felt right. When I finally made that move my Intuitive business significantly picked up. Without doing much more than I had been doing, I had more calls for readings. I was asked to interview at Circles of Wisdom, a metaphysical shop that I have been a customer of for many years. I am now a reader there and have a chance to interact with many different practitioners on a regular basis and I just love it. I took a class out side of my small circle of animal communicators and met a wonderful new group of Intuitive's. Meeting new people and learning how they operate allowed me to look at my business with new perspective and gave me insight on new offerings I am currently working on. I reworked my website (myself!) and felt my - and my business's energy surge. I started a new intuitive podcast,The Psychic Wives, with Geri Karabin and Kathy Rumsey (two of my fellow Animal Communicators) and we are having a blast with it! I have stopped worrying (as best as a Type A can) about how to get anywhere and how to get anywhere and I am really enjoying exactly where I am right now. When or if I am ready for another change I will be sure to follow The Law of rocks!

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