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Show me a sign

Recently I was watching TV late night talk show host, James Corden, with Paul McCartney in a Carpool Karaoke segment. I really enjoy this part of his show and I loved watching Paul McCartney. They spent time talking about Paul McCartney’s childhood, how he came to be so successful, and in between sang some great Beatle hits together. But the most fascinating story to me that Paul McCartney shared was a dream he had back in the 1960’s. He was worried about his life and career and his mother came to him and told him everything would be ok and he should let it be. He felt so much better when he woke up that it inspired “Let it Be” , one of the biggest hits of his career. He got a sign and recognized it for what it was…how great is that? It really made me think about signs in my own life and how often I do see them. Many years ago I was at my step father’s house when we heard from my brother-in-law that my step sister had passed. It was not unexpected but still shocking. I stayed with him for quite a while after the call and when I left to go home I heard the song on the radio “We are Family”. I just knew that was a message from her! When we were together at any function and that song was played she would make us all 5 sisters get up and dance…no matter what we were doing we were required on the dance floor. She gave me the sign that all was ok and I was so grateful for the message. When my step dad passed several years later and we got to the cemetery something unbelievable happened. The funeral director had opened my biological father’s grave site instead of my step dad’s! How that happened would take too long to write here but it had a story behind it as well. When I told the funeral director about the mistake he was beside himself. We all quickly decided to have the service where it was and then they would move the casket after we were gone. My family and my step family were together with both dads at the gravesite as one big family. Although we were sad we couldn’t help but laugh too. My step dad was absent minded and it would be just like him to get lost and land at the wrong place! Once again I got the message and knew all was well. More recently I asked the universe for a sign and I said it needed to be really clear. I had been really struggling with a personal situation and I was feeling worn out. A couple of days later my brother called to tell me he had a reading done and my mother came though with a message for me. She told me I had done everything I could do and it was time to let go and let it play out. The message was very clear and I really needed to hear it. I am always open to signs and most come to me on much smaller scale. I may hear a song on the radio, read an article that seems to speak directly to me or even a seemingly random conversation I am having or overhearing. I just know I was supposed to hear or see that message at that exact time. These signs make me feel connected to the universe and to people I have loved and lost. I cherish every single one that comes through. What about you? Are you open to signs? What kinds of messages come through to you? If you aren’t sure you are recognizing signs ask the universe to make it clear when showing you a sign then see what happens! I would love to hear about your experiences if you care to share post below.

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