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You've got a friend

Many of you may know that I am hosting a podcast called The Psychic Wives with two of my very good friends and fellow animal communicators. We get together on Wednesday mornings and have a great time discussing all things intuitive. We often joke that we do this mainly for ourselves because we are so interested in all of the topics we cover and we really love to talk. Sometimes we have on a guest on and sometimes it is just us. That was the case yesterday. We usually catch up with each other before we start recording. While we talked it was easy to see all three of us were feeling off. One of us is dealing with a significant health situation and one with a family crisis. During the conversation we realized it wasn't just our own situations that had us feeling that way but the current energy around all of us is really wonky. So many people are facing real challenges in their lives and the world around us feels unstable. Anyone who is at all empathic may be struggling with this energy and feeling anxious or depressed. On top of whatever people have going on in their own lives, we are in the midst of a huge political divide causing stress at every level, even within families and circles of friends...whether we consider ourselves to be political or not. We are currently being bombarded in both main stream and social media about the fast spread of the Covid-19 virus and the stock market's negative reaction to it. The energy around us feels crazy! So we decided to do our podcast about what is happening to (it feels like) all of us. While we recorded the episode we talked about recognizing this kind of energy that is seemingly surrounding us and figuring out how to help ourselves manage though it. You will have to listen to the podcast for all of what we covered but Kathy, Geri and I all agreed we have the most success in reducing anxiety and managing our energy when we ask for help. You can ask for help from God, Spirit, Universe through prayer, affirmation or intention. We have infinite love and support from the Divine, whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs are. I ask for help through an affirmation every single day when I wake up and I honestly never feel alone. We can ask for help from family and friends too, being specific about exactly what we need. Maybe we just need to be heard, have a shoulder to cry on or just a hand to hold. We are not asking anyone to fix things for us but allowing us a little emotional support as we navigate through whatever our individual struggle may be. I know asking for help is difficult for some of us but when we do and realize that we are not alone in this life we can get through any challenge that comes our way. As usual we had a great discussion on this podcast and when we finished up my mood had lifted. I felt SO much better! Afterward, I ran to the grocery store and I was thinking about how lucky I am to have such great family and friends in my life. I would not be the person I am today without the love and support of the group surrounding me and I was feeling so grateful. I quickly shopped, jumped back in the car and before I even put the key in my ignition my phone somehow turned on and connected to iTunes library. This was so strange because I need a passcode to open my phone and although my iTunes library is on my phone I almost never listen to music on it. I heard Carole King's " You've Got a Friend" start to play from inside my purse. The song starts with "when you're down and troubled, and you need a helping hand there" and ends with "all you have to do is call, you've got a friend" and I was just blown away. A huge sign from the Universe that my gratitude had been heard. Yes, I do have friends. I am blessed to have many in my life and I hope you are too.

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